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The Light of Love

Hi. Hello. Hey there.

You have in your hands our movie.

It's called The Light of Love.

We hope it shines that on you. We shone as much of that as we could on it.

This movie is a strange one. i daresay there have been few films made under the circumstances we made this. 5 thousand bucks, no script... Our premise was thus: 4 of us would shoot for 13 days, around the annual LA-based festival Lucent L'Amour - shoot a documentary / concert film / narrative & improvise everything. Everything. i'd like to say we had a solid sense of what scenes we were getting beforehand but i'd be slightly disingenuous. Scenes often were decided as we were setting them up with whomever we could grab to be in them. Some people in the film knew we were "acting" and many did not. One woman just showed up to our cast& crew screening and found out that the climax that played out in unreality was not, in fact, real reality. And though we felt somewhat dismayed she had lingered with the sadness of that moment, that, in many ways, is what the film is about. What we were doing, really. How we were feeling, really. When you're improvising, one of the simplest things to keep things rolling - and yet most radical to typical quotidian existence - is tell the truth… really.

We also had set the task forth of making a webseries, uploading editing an episode every night of the 13 days and nights we shot. It seemed innovative and practical and grassroots groundswell-ish to do so. It was crazy. Crazy like a fox? In a strait jacket? Only time will tell… and even then, time is a face on the water. Time is a visit from the goon squad. Time is, after all, only time.

We wanted to draw in shades of Cassavettes & 'Wild Style,' 'Head' & Duplass Bros and, above all, just be as true as we could to whatever was happening in the moment, chasing the Now like 4 laughing, scurrying Beat-les - 4 people shooting, "writing," acting, editing, directing & producing. A ka-tet of destined lovers of "make art. share joy."

This movie is a stranger to you but a beloved kin to us. We hope you enjoy it, are transported and delighted. There is much of the momentum of sheer joy at making a movie, at creation in general, in this beloved child of ours. We hope you trip the light fantastic & dream the biggest dreams along with us.


The Light of Love-Makers,

Smitty, Brendan, PAUL & Ross